167. Calendar White Space

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Ep. 167 – In this episode of The Manager Track Podcast, host Ramona Shaw talks about the importance of creating ‘Calendar White Space’ and its impact on leadership effectiveness. She explains why it’s crucial for leaders to carve out this space for strategic thinking and cross-departmental projects, offers concrete strategies for doing so, and shares the benefits this practice brings.


  • Reflect on your own calendar and identify areas where you can create white space.
  • Analyze where you’re actually needed and where your time be better served
  • Consider booking a strategy call with Ramona Shaw for personalized guidance.
  • Remember the importance of transitioning from executor to learner and strategic thinker.

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[00:00] Introduction to Episode 167: Calendar White Space

[00:50] Concept Explanation: What is Calendar White Space?

[01:44] Challenge Explanation: How Being Busy Impacts Leadership

[02:55] Contextual Understanding: Why White Space is Important for Leaders

[03:40] Remote Work Implications: Challenges of Finding White Space

[04:35] Drawbacks: The Effect of Constant Reactivity on Leaders

[05:40] Mindset Transition: Shifting from Immediate to Long-Term

[07:10] Strategy Building: How to Create Time for Strategic Thinking

[09:20] Importance of Discipline: Sticking to Time Blocks for Strategic Projects

[11:30] Overcoming Discomfort: Managing Self During Behavior Change

[12:20] Mindset Shift: From Executors to Curiosity and Learning

[07:24] Exploring Examples: Adaptable Leadership and Supportive Leadership

[12:25] Personal Case Study: Overdoing Quick Decision-Making

[14:17] Wrapping up: Scheduling Strategy Call and Overview of the APS Method for Leadership Development

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