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Ramona is one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with. She is supportive, insightful and super knowledgeable about best practices in the management and leadership space. Her style is also strengths-based and goal-oriented and I was able to make a ton of progress in our time together.

Tess-PosnerTess, CEO

Ramona and her Leadership Accelerator program have been a huge help in developing more effective leadership habits and in discovering a career path that I feel passionate about and is effective with my personal leadership style. With that, I’m now able to feel more confident, develop better relationships, and overall be more successful in my role as a manager. She is incredibly resourceful and her arsenal of tools and frameworks will help me for years or even decades to come. Ramona has recently helped me work through a challenging situation and I was so grateful to have had her on my side as a partner and guide the entire way through. I highly recommend Ramona and her programs to anyone who is eager to learn and grow as a leader.

Diane, Global Ethics & Compliance Manager

“Ramona, thank you so much for all the invaluable tips and guidance you’ve been providing that helped me become a better leader for my team and a more influential member of the leadership team. Our conversations have made me more effective as a communicator, helped me resolve conflict, and allowed me to build stronger relationships across the board. I know for sure that these skills will benefit me for the rest of my career.”

Kevin, VP of Finance

Ramona’s leadership trainings and coaching sessions have been incredibly helpful for me. In every session I learn something that I can apply as a leader. Working with Ramona I’m growing as a leader and a person. I truly recommend her coaching services and the Leadership Circle program for anyone who wants to build a successful career as a leader. ”

Testimonal Ramona Shaw_RachelRachel, Lead Product Manager

“My biggest hesitation before I signed up for the Leadership Circle was that there are tons of free coaching resources out there and so I could just keep using those. However, I am somebody that needs accountability. I can participate in a lot of webinars and read a lot of articles but the social accountability that Ramona provides in the Leadership Circle is really how I’m able to grow in my role as a leader. If someone is still on the fence about signing up for the Leadership Circle, I say just try it for a month. That was my initial promise to myself. I had met Ramona last year and always had this idea that I’d be back but it wasn’t until I was prompted that I said ok it’s time.”

Amber, Regional Director

“Highly recommend working with Ramona. Not only does she teach what you need to succeed as a leader but she gives you skills that you can use in all facets of your business. Ramona been invaluable to our executive team here at Permian Capital Management.”

Josh, Managing Partner

“Ramona’s training was incredibly valuable and I left with actionalbe tools to implement. I highly recommend her services to anyone who’s responsible for leading a team.”

Payman, Consultant

“Ramona has been a great coach to work with, I appreciate her guidance and ability to listen and share insights on how to communicate effectively. I’ve learned an incredible amount during our time working together.”

Roger, Director, Finance

“Ramona, the coaching conversations with you have been invaluable for me. I always leave our calls with more clarity and confidence about how to manage difficult situations at work and how to grow professionally and contribute value to people around me. Since we’ve started working together, I’ve become a more confident and effective leader, increased my visibility in the company and in our industry, and even got promoted to a VP position. Your advice, the tools you provide and the skills you have helped me develop have had a significant positive impact on me. I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. Thank you!”

Leslie, VP of Marketing

Ramona was one of the best investments I made in myself in my career. She helped as I transitioned to an international leader, managing remote teams, communicating with teams and executives in other countries, as well as inheriting a team and how to successfully earn and build trust. Ramona will help you uncover blind spots, and help you confidently overcome them.

Ryan, Chief Revenue Officer

Ramona is an excellent coach and working with her has been immensely beneficial to me. Her coaching sessions leave me inspired and confident to take the right next actions to move me forward and help me achieve my goals. What I appreciate most is that she knows exactly what’s important to me and that she always shares resources and tools that I can put to use and see results right away. I cannot imagine having gone (and still going) through this learning journey without her support and guidance.

Estelle, Entrepreneur

“Ramona is an excellent leadership coach. With her guidance, I’ve been able to improve my effectiveness as a leader in many different ways. Her frameworks, questions and suggestions have been incredibly beneficial to me and have had a direct impact in the way I lead my team and work with my stakeholders. Plus, the insights gained from the 360 assessments were invaluable. I was able to uncover some of my blindspots through this process which helped me better understand how I’m being perceived by others and what I can do to be more intentional about it. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone looking to strengthen their leadership skills.”

Mark, Director of Talent Acquisition

“Ramona was an invaluable leadership coach to me during a time of transition. With her guidance, I managed many different challenges with greater ease. She was truly invested in my success as a manager and went above and beyond to support my growth (this included replying to my emails during off-hours when I was in an urgent situation). I wish I had met & worked with Ramona before first moving into a people-manager role, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn the ropes of leadership.”

David, Manager, Data Science

“As someone aiming to be a great leader, I felt empowered and enlightened after working with Ramona. She has an incredible ability to offer actionable steps that help me achieve my goals and improve my skills. I definitely recommend her to anyone who wants the tools to become a better leader.”

Christine, Systems Engineer

“It was great working with Ramona as a leadership coach. She had great advise and listened well. It was very easy to open up to her since she has a welcoming and warm personality. Our work together brought my leadership skills to a whole new level. I am going to miss our sessions :-)”

Nereida, Sr. Director, Finance

“Ramona’s expertise was paramount in helping me prepare for and transition back from maternity leave. Navigating the steps of working new parenthood were made possible through Ramona’s empathic style and sound advice. Thank you, Ramona!”

Testimonial JKJessica, VP, Client Services

“Ramona is an incredible listener and is able to clearly decipher the core issues. She extremely intuitive and gives great exercises to help you to analyze and think about your issues a few levels deeper.”

Stephanie, Product Manager

“The changes I noticed being in the Leadership Circle were getting a better understanding of what principles are important to me and how they guide my views. Additionally, I was able to better understand what principles guide my team members and how they guide their views. What I liked best was having some time to pause and reflect on my thoughts with the new information provided in the coaching sessions. I definitely recommend the Leadership Circle to anyone who is looking to become a more effective leader.”

Timothy, Director of Business Development

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