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E199-Positioning Yourself for Senior Roles with Richard Triggs

199. Positioning Yourself for Senior Roles with Richard Triggs

About this Podcast Ep. 199 – In this captivating episode of The Manager Track podcast, host Ramona Shaw welcomes a distinguished guest, Richard Triggs, renowned for his innovative approach to executive recruitment. Richard shares invaluable insights on navigating the job market and retaining exceptional talent within organizations, providing a glimpse

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E197-Copycat Leadership Header Image

197. Copycat Leadership

About this Podcast Ep. 197 – The allure of success and influence isn’t just something that happens with the latest viral post. It can also happen when new managers try to mimic the behaviors of respected and influential figures in their organization. Understandably so. New managers want to establish themselves as

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E196-Changing Behaviors & Achieving Goals

196. Changing Behaviors & Achieving Goals

About this Podcast Ep. 196 – “Quitter’s Day.” No, it’s not the day that a person quits their job. It’s the second Friday in January, designated as the day when most people are likely to give up on their New Year’s resolution (unofficially, of course). Change, no matter how big

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195. Leveraging Emotions

About this Podcast Ep. 195 – Do you ever feel like your emotions are running the show? As leaders, we often struggle with the pressure to keep things bottled up and be “professional.” But what if there was actually a benefit in embracing your emotions, both good and bad? In

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