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Best Practices to Elevate Your Executive Communication

219. Executive Communication

About this Podcast Ep. 219 – In this episode of The Manager Track podcast, Ramona Shaw expands on the art of executive communication. Building on the foundation laid in a previous episode about the executive mindset, Ramona provides valuable insights and practical tactics to enhance your communication with senior leaders

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GenAI for Managers: Ways Managers Can Use GenAI to Supercharge Their Leadership

218. GenAI for Managers

About this Podcast Ep. 218 – In this episode of the Manager Track Podcast, host Ramona Shaw discusses the effective use of generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Claude for enhancing people leadership tasks. She outlines eight specific use cases, including crafting personal user guides, improving interview questions, creating

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Challenging Patriarchal Norms in Leadership

217. Challenging Patriarchal Norms in Leadership

About this Podcast Ep. 217 – In this eye-opening episode, Ramona goes in-depth on the ongoing impact of patriarchal attitudes toward leadership in the workplace. She explains how qualities viewed as more “masculine,” like assertiveness and decisiveness, are still prized over “feminine” strengths like empathy and collaboration. Using real-world examples

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E216 - Decide About Deciding - header image Header Image

216. Decide About Deciding

About this Podcast Ep. 216 – Have you ever made a sound decision that turned out poorly, only to be harshly judged (or to harshly judge yourself) in hindsight? It’s a common trap: we often evaluate decisions based on their outcomes, ignoring the quality of the decision-making process itself. But

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How to transform good teams into excellent ones

215. How to Transform Good Teams Into Excellent Ones

About this Podcast Ep. 215 – In this episode of The Manager Track podcast, Ramona sits down with Rusty Komori, an Executive Coach and former head tennis coach who has redefined what it means to excel. Rusty isn’t just talking about being good, or even great—he’s talking about becoming superior.

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