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E206 - Panel Discussion - Supporting Your First-Time Managers - Success Strategies

206. Supporting Your First-Time Managers: Success Strategies

About this Podcast Ep. 206 – Have you ever thought about conducting your hiring process in the Metaverse? Or considered investing in an everboarding training strategy for your employees? These are just some of the many topics you’ll hear about in this week’s podcast episode. Ramona is joined by three

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E205-Elevating Your Communication Skills with GenAI-Header Image

205. Elevating Your Communication Skills with GenAI

About this Podcast Ep. 205 – GenAI isn’t a trend or a fad that will eventually fade. It is crucial for leaders to not only understand it but also be involved in conversations and early initiatives regarding GenAI’s use in their workplace. But now, let’s get a bit more tactical.

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E204-Letting Someone Go Header Image

204. Letting Someone Go

About this Podcast Ep. 204 – Imagine that sinking feeling when you realize you may have to let someone go from your team. It’s one of the most difficult situations a manager faces. In most cases, the manager has been feeling this tugging going on for a while but has

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E202 - When someone doesn't like what you did or said header image

202. When Someone Doesn’t Like What You Did or Said

About this Podcast Ep. 202 – Ever had that moment when what you said or did unexpectedly turned someone’s mood sour? As a leader, handling dissatisfaction within your team is inevitable and can require emotional intelligence and managerial finesse. While it can be uncomfortable delivering news or making decisions that

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