82. Leaders’ Exhaustion

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Imagine this: you’re a high-performing manager taking your career seriously. Lately, though, you’ve been feeling exhausted and worn out.

You know, intellectually speaking, that when people take care of themselves, they feel better, and maybe even work better.

But deep down, you also believe that working harder and longer than everyone else is what made you successful, and in the fast-paced, intensely demanding world you operate in, that’s honestly what you think it takes.

So, you keep working long hours, respond to emails and messages way into the evening and even on your off days, and the idea of self-care… well is just an idea if we’re real for a moment.

But now, work seems heavy and tiring, especially the “people” part of it. 

If you can relate to this, maybe if it rings true for you right now or you’ve been in a situation like this before, then listen up!

Burnout, exhaustion, anxiety, and depression are all on a rapid rise since the beginning of the pandemic and even without taking the implications of COVID into consideration, many workplaces foster a work and performance culture that’s simply not sustainable.

In my experience working with leaders day in and day out, many of them share the pressure hanging over them and how they feel exhausted from the pace and weight they carry.

And this is not to be taken lightly. If you’ve ever read stories from people recovering from burnout for years, it’s simply not worth messing with it! It often takes years to feel like 100% again. Figuring out how to prevent it and learning how to deal with stress is crucial in the world we live in.

In this week’s episode of The Manager Track, we tackle this conversation and look at what are the reasons why so many of us feel exhausted (hint: it’s not just the workload!) and what shifts will help ease the load and slow down the pace without sacrificing your career.

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