156. Beyond Busy: Digging into the Real Reasons for Time Management Struggles

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Ep. 156 – Struggles with time management are not rooted in a lack of knowledge, information, or any kind of perfect secret strategy.

You have already taken the courses, listened to podcasts, read books, and with all of this newfound knowledge you can still struggle with time management if you don’t first uncover and address the underlying causes. It is the lack of implementation that causes this frustrating cycle to continue and its effect goes beyond the workplace, overflowing into your personal life.

Even if you don’t personally struggle with time management, it could be a serious struggle for your team members which makes it hard for them to stay focused, think strategically, deliver within deadlines, and create a healthy work-life balance.

In this episode of The Manager Track podcast, I will share some common underlying reasons for these time management struggles, how you can identify the root causes that are specifically holding you back, and the tools I love using, along with self-reflection questions that will help your whole team improve and master project management.

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  • RACI Matrix Exercise – Example of how to use the chart to improve your team’s project management.
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    00:00 Preview

    00:56 Introduction

    04:23 Examples of underlying reasons

    14:11 Identifying your underlying pattern

    15:59 RACI Matrix Exercise

    19:22 Questions to ponder

    21:57 Recap

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