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leadership and learning are indispensable to each other

– John F. Kennedy

Our leadership development workshops provide engaging experiences and focus on proven systems and skills that help leaders be more successful in fulfilling their leadership expectations and creating a healthy workplace culture that attracts and retains talent.

Leaders are continually challenged to achieve increasing expectations and perform beyond their current capabilities. To create sustainable high performance and prevent exhaustion or stress amplification across the organization, leaders need to be supported and equipped with relevant knowledge, skills, and tools available today.

Unlike most one-off events, our offerings are designed to increase knowledge retention and action-taking with the goal to see noticeable behavioral change as a result of the experience.

As you explore our professional leadership development topics below, know that we also provide customized leadership development workshops and related services to address the unique needs of your leaders and to incorporate the culture and values that set your organization apart.

To inquire more information about our workshops, email us at contact@ramonashaw.com. Thank you and we’re looking forward to connecting with you.
Giving Feedback and Praise that Lands
workshop 1 – 90 minutes

giving feedback & praise that lands

Did you know that constructive feedback actually damages performance 33% of the time? (Kluger, DeNisi) This workshop is designed to help leaders give feedback and praise to their direct reports in a way that improves performance and fosters a positive work environment. The session will cover key principles and techniques for giving constructive feedback, including the use of specific, actionable language and the importance of timing and delivery.

Participants will learn how to provide both positive and negative feedback in a supportive way that helps employees grow and develop. The workshop will also include a discussion of common challenges in giving feedback, such as dealing with defensiveness and providing feedback on difficult or sensitive issues. Through case studies and group activities, participants will have the opportunity to practice giving feedback effectively as well as receiving feedback from others well.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have the increased knowledge and skills to give meaningful feedback and praise that lands.

workshop 2 – 90 minutes

boosting motivation & growth with coaching skills for managers

This workshop is designed to help leaders develop effective coaching skills to support their teams and improve individual performance and motivation. Participants will learn communication and listening skills, as well as techniques to use coaching to strengthen personal responsibility and accountability on their teams.

The workshop will also include discussions of common challenges in coaching, such as dealing with resistance and providing support without imposing solutions. Through practical exercises and discussions, participants will have the opportunity to apply the concepts right away.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have the knowledge and skills to effectively coach their teams and facilitate learning and growth as a result of it.

Boosting Motivation and Growth with Coaching Skills for Managers
Executive Presence for Leaders
workshop 3 – 90 minutes

executive presence for leaders & high-potentials

This workshop is designed to help leaders develop their executive presence and project confidence and credibility in their leadership roles. The workshop will cover the three key components of executive presence: gravitas, communication, and appearance. Participants will learn how to develop each component and project a professional image.

The workshop will also include a discussion of common challenges in developing executive presence, such as dealing with nerves and adapting to different situations. Through practice sessions, and small group discussions participants will personally experience the impact of a strong Executive Presence and identify their main growth areas and unique strengths.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have the knowledge and tools to effectively develop their executive presence and, as a result, enhance their leadership influence and impact.

workshop 4 – 90 minutes

time management: shifting from reactive to proactive leadership

This workshop is designed to help leaders effectively manage their time and workload while feeling less stressed.

The workshop will cover a range of time management tools and techniques, including prioritization, scheduling, delegation, time blocking, and elimination of time-wasters. Participants will learn how to continuously assess priorities, develop a personalized time management plan, and overcome common challenges such as procrastination and lack of focus. The workshop will also include personal prompts, group discussions, and interactive components to help participants immediately apply the concepts to their own leadership roles.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have the knowledge and tools to implement effective and proactive time management practices in their own work.

Time Management - Shifting from Reactive to Proactive Leadership
Team Development - Establishing Team Norms for Team Cohesion
workshop 5 – 60 minutes

Team development: establishing team norms for team cohesion

This workshop is designed to help leaders establish and maintain effective team norms to improve team performance and foster a positive work environment. The workshop will cover the importance of team norms and the role of the leader in defining and upholding them.

Participants will learn how to identify and establish team norms that align with the team’s goals and values, and how to communicate the norms to ensure that everyone on the team is held accountable. The workshop will also include discussion of common challenges in establishing and maintaining team norms, such as dealing with team members who violate the norms and addressing team conflicts that arise. Through group conversations and a case study, participants will learn the process of defining and encouraging team norms.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have the understanding tools to effectively establish and maintain team norms in their own teams.

our approach is experiential and action-focused

We start with pre-work which may include a short reading assignment, feedback solicitation, or self-assessment.
We build in case studies, interactive elements, experiential learning, and practice sessions.
We provide actionable tips and strategies that can be applied immediately.
We end with an action plan, clear commitments, and built-in accountability to turn knowing into doing.

About Ramona

I’m Ramona Shaw, and I’m a certified professional leadership coach, helping new and mid-level managers lead their teams (and their careers) to more success!

As a former VP at a renowned global private equity firm, I intimately know the challenges of leading teams in fast-paced environments and navigating tricky work situations. I learned many of my early leadership lessons the hard way, and wish I had a coach on my side from day one. Since then, I have devoted my career to supporting leaders just like you.

Through my coaching and training programs, I help managers get the most out of their hours at work by strengthening their leadership and communication skills, raising their confidence and resilience, and increasing their focus and overall effectiveness.

Plus, my clients rave about feeling less stressed and more fulfilled in their professional and personal lives.

Today, I’m honored and blessed to have coached and trained hundreds of leaders in fast-growing organizations including

Amazon, Asana, CVS, Dropbox, Google, Productboard, Science Exchange, Stitch Fix, Twitch, UBS, and many more.

Join the list of new leaders who understand the benefits of learning from the success of others. You can be one of them!

I can’t wait to connect with you soon!

Ramona Shaw
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