I support teams and groups who aim to strengthen their leadership abilities by offering workshops on a variety of topics. Contact me for further information and availability.


Join A Peer Network Of Support For New Managers (Internal Or External)

  • Join a group of managers to meet and talk through key leadership topics and recent challenges people are facing
  • Strengthen your own management skills by learning new concepts and frameworks and by participating in discussions
  • Develop trust and new bonds with each other, learn new tips and hear about other people’s experiences in their leadership roles
  • Get customized coaching to help you better navigate urgent and important situations and create success in your own job
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The Simple And Effective Way To Get The Best Out Of Your Employees

  • Discover why coaching is so powerful and how it transforms your leadership
  • Find out when you should coach and when you should NOT coach – this is critical to being successful at it
  • Learn the 3 core principles of coaching and how to start applying them immediately
  • Discover the exact 5 questions to ask to use coaching in your 1-on-1 meetings
  • Get access to 5 practical tips to apply your coaching skills to day-to-day interactions
  • Learn the step-by-step process to turn this new-learned skill into a lasting and impactful leadership habit

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How To Have Effective & Frequent Feedback Conversations

  • Understand the importance of creating a feedback-rich environment, and what steps they need to take to create it
  • Explore the essential feedback skills and techniques to increase positive behaviors and performance
  • Learn a step-by-step framework of giving effective feedback
  • Practice delivering and receiving feedback
  • Review common mistakes in delivering feedback and how to prevent them
  • Create a plan of action for more effectively and more frequently delivering feedback to others

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How To Navigate The Transition Into Leadership

  • Find out why so many managers fail and what to do about it
  • How to manage former peers now that you’re their manager
  • How to give effective feedback in a way that your team members actually appreciate your input
  • The one big mistake so many new managers make that quickly demotivates the high-performing team members
  • Get access to a simple, yet incredibly effective tool to avoid miscommunication and misaligned expectations with your team

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How To Get More Done In Less Time

  • Discover the distractions that get in the way of doing our most important work
  • Uncover how to manage your time so you can add more value without working longer hours
  • Learn how to optimize your to-do list and organize your schedule for maximum clarity and efficiency
  • Find out how to take charge of your time and stop living on other people’s schedules
  • Discover how to develop a monthly, weekly, and daily routine to stay focused on your most important tasks
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Write Your Own User Manual To Remove Unnecessary Stress And Collaborate More Effectively

  • Create a short guide to your personality, work style and, yes, even quirks, so that your team knows how to work with you effectively and with less unnecessary stress
  • Discover the different personality types and the dos and don’ts on how to work with them best making you more effective in your communication with others
  • As a result, you will not only walk away with an invaluable tool to put to use right away with your team but also learn how to best interact with different personality types to build stronger relationships and have a greater impact on others
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