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Ep. 145 – How do you manage someone performing a job you know nothing about? Or lead someone who values something totally different than you?

In this episode of The Manager Track podcast, our guest Shane Foss answers these questions and shares other leadership lessons from across his 20 years as a medical industry executive, and now as a Founder/CEO. Tune in to hear about some of the biggest challenges he has faced as a CEO, how metrics can unite your team, and why it is that you should “always be hiring!”
Shane is an expert in Business Development and Strategy, Sales Strategy, and Team Development. After over 20 years as an executive in the medical industry, Shane launched Hooray Health, an unconventional health insurance company that works hard to provide affordable healthcare benefits for employers and employees. He loves to share insights on how managing a business has significantly changed since the Great Resignation, what strategies business leaders and managers can use to attract and retain employees, and how to keep teams focused and motivated.
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00:00 Preview
01:39 Meet Shane Foss
04:31 Hiring Practices
06:38 What criteria do you evaluate candidates with?
08:54 How do you present yourself?
11:56 Thoughts on the great resignation
14:46 Consider the perspectives of others
16:52 Transitioning into remote leadership
18:27 Biggest leadership challenges Shane has faced as a CEO
20:20 Evaluating the performance of someone doing something you’ve never done
23:35 Connect with Shane

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