146. Stereotyping and Labeling

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Ep. 146 –

We all stereotype people, whether we like it or not. We do it so quickly too. In a split second, we form assumptions and we often do it unconsciously.

We might assume that…

  • older people are less tech-savvy
  • women are more emotional
  • Gen Z’ers want to get promoted right away
  • people with a Harvard degree are rich
  • the guy coming to work in a hoodie doesn’t take his job seriously

And the list goes on…

Stereotyping people is a way for our brain to organize information and to speed up judgment so we can quickly assess if we’re safe or not. It used to be a survival strategy.

But in today’s world, stereotyping is less useful. And if we do it without noticing, stereotyping can quickly affect our actions and opinions in a pre-judgmental and biased way.

And that will most certainly get in the way of us creating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment at work and may even create toxic situations.

In this episode of The Manager Track podcast, I am shedding some light on the negative impact of stereotyping and labeling in the workplace, how you can catch yourself doing it and how to get rid of it.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What have you personally been stereotyped for?
  2. What labels are you putting on yourself?
  3. What stereotypes do you have about your team?
  4. What labels are put on them, or are they putting on themselves?

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  • Maya Angelou Quote:“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”
  • Harvard Business Study by Professor Katherine Coffman:Stereotypes and Belief Updating – 2021
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00:00 Preview

01:11 What is workplace stereotyping?

06:26 Harvard Business School Study

10:18 Reducing effects of biases and stereotypes

14:20 Labelling is believing

17:52 Four Reflection Questions

19:53 Recap

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