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Ep. 132 – In a time when phrases such as quiet quitting, the great resignation, and employee disengagement continue to gain traction, it is vital that we as leaders talk about employee engagement. While occasionally, it’s better for employees to leave and move on, in most cases that loss of great talent could have been avoided.
When leaders create alignment and help people see and even co-create their purpose at work, they inspire good work and foster loyalty.
In essence, it is on you as a leader to be intentional in helping your direct reports connect to a meaningful job purpose instead of just their list of responsibilities.
The former excites, but the latter seems bland at its core.
In this week’s episode of The Manager Track podcast, I am joined by Steve Curtin. He is a best-selling author who just released a new book, The Revelation Conversation. He’s also a speaker and expert on customer service, management, and leadership and is on a mission to create better teams and higher employee engagement.
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00:00 Preview
02:19 What inspired your book?
08:40 Your Job’s Purpose
15:56 Questions that help you define every employee’s purpose
22:52 Creating a purpose-driven team culture
26:25 What is job essence?
31:17 But Steve, I just don’t have the time to…
36:54 Connect with Steve

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