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Interviewing isn’t easy and with the added pressure to find the right match quickly, this process is a common challenge so many of my clients have.

And this is why I decided to bring to you an expert in Talent Acquisition and to discuss best practices for hiring managers.

Join me and Mark Langlie, a highly experienced Director of Talent Acquisition, in this week’s episode of The Manager Track as we chat about…

  • The 3 best practices to prepare for the interview process and why success lies in the PREPARATION
  • How to work with an internal recruiter to get the best of them
  • How to manage the people involved in the interview process (including your senior leaders) and why this really matters
  • Why knowing your value proposition as a leader is key to win great candidates

And as a little bonus… I also threw in a question about what to do if you, personally, are interested in applying for an internal role and whether or not to share this information with your manager.

Connect with Mark on LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/marklanglie/