115. Over-Identifying With Your Job

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Ep. 115 – Remember that time when you had a “WIN” at work?  Maybe you nailed an impressive presentation, got some awesome praise, or closed a major deal – and you felt great about yourself, right?

But then on another day, you got some criticism, or maybe your presentation fell flat and didn’t go as planned, or perhaps you lost an important deal or a big client and you blamed yourself because you knew there was something you should’ve done differently.

If those two scenarios resonate with you then you are definitely not alone, my friend.

The ultimate result is that we’re over-identifying with our jobs. In fact, we’ve got our self-worth and our job success wound up so tightly together that is as if we’ve got a fast pass in hand for the emotional rollercoaster, skipping the lines (or worse yet never even getting off the ride) and both self-worth and job success are sitting side-by-side in the same wagon.

In this week’s episode of The Manager Track podcast, I explain why it’s bad for you, the challenges this brings up (and I see them all the time in conversations with clients), and how it will hold you back in your career. I’ll also explain how to stop this rollercoaster and get out of it so you can feel good about yourself regardless of what’s happening at work and therefore become a way stronger, more adaptable, and feedback-seeking leader.

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