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Many of my clients’ employers are currently getting ready to or are already in the process of moving back to the office. But for most, it won’t be as it was in 2019…

Teams won’t all be in the same office, if in an office at all, or they won’t be there all at the same time.

While leading a hybrid team successfully boils down to core fundamentals of leadership, there are a few critical things you’ll need to be aware of. Otherwise, the chances that signs of frustrations, conflict, disengagement, and lack of accountability pop up on your team are pretty high.

So if you find yourself in the situation of leading a hybrid team, then listen to this week’s podcast episode on leading a hybrid training here.

You will walk away knowing…

  • which two values will be most important to uphold and foster on the team,
  • how to think about the 3 phases of analyzing, planning, and ultimately leading in this new environment, and
  • a few tactical best practices that will help you lead a hybrid team more effectively.

Ultimately, this is all about preparing for change and being open-minded and adaptable to new challenges and circumstances. As Amelia Earhart once said, “Preparation is rightly two-thirds of any venture.”


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