8. Being Visible in a Remote Work Environment

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You might have noticed that you’re not interacting with senior leaders or your key stakeholders as often as you used to while working remotely. This is because you’re not running into them in the hallway, they don’t see you at work, and you’re not meeting up for lunch or a quick coffee catch-up.

The fact is that there are fewer natural social interactions in a remote work environment and that comes at a cost.

In this episode, we’re going to cover 6 specific tactics you can start today to be more visible in your company. That way, when it comes to new opportunities or promotions your name is on the list because people remember you, they know you’re doing great work, and your great reputation proceeds you.


  • The 6 ways to raise your visibility while working remotely
  • How to get started applying these strategies today
  • Why you should prioritize your career over your job


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