81. How to Overcome Your Brain’s Fixation on Bad Things

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Do you sometimes ruminate for hours over a critical comment from a co-worker or from your boss?

Or when you evaluate your team member, do you find it easier to spot the mistakes than to see the great thing they did?

If the answer was yes to either of those, then rest assured that nothing has gone wrong…

As humans, we tend to focus a lot more on negative things than on positive events or circumstances. This tendency is called Negativity Bias and it means that we not only register negative stimuli more quickly but also that we tend to dwell on these events.

As such, this bias influences how we feel, think and act and that’s why you, as a leader, need to be keenly aware of it.

If left unchecked, it will make you…

  • more critical of others and yourself than what’s called for
  • worry more than what’s helpful
  • be more risk-averse than what’s rational
  • be more swayed by negative comments than what’s appropriate

…and the list goes on!

In this episode, Ramona talks about the Negativity Bias and how it impacts leaders and their effectiveness. She also shares two simple steps to course-correct this tendency and be less biased in how you think and act.

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