76. Is It Me or Is It Them?

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“Is it me or is it them?” This is a question that I hear so often from new managers.  So, let’s peel the onion on this one in this week’s episode.

Part of your job as a leader, whether explicitly stated in your job description or simply implied, is your responsibility to manage people’s performance.

For most, this is the “sticky” part of leadership. The shadow side of all the good stuff that comes with the new title and status. And if you’re in your first leadership role then this is brand new territory.

Managing people who aren’t meeting expectations is never fun. In fact, it can really push us outside of our comfort zones. It can bring up beliefs and assumptions such as…

  • Who am I to tell them how to do their job?
  • Maybe they don’t do it because they don’t like or respect me.
  • Maybe they think I’m a complete micromanager or way too nitpicky.
  • Why do I have to constantly “babysit”? That’s not what I should have to do.
  • What if they hate me after I give them feedback and I start getting a bad reputation as a manager?

If any of those sound familiar, then this episode is for you.

It’s normal to feel challenged and uncomfortable and to be wondering if it’s you or if it’s them.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • The main reasons leading to underperformance
  • Why the “grey zone” is what often makes it so hard to manage performance
  • The 3 questions to ask yourself to know if it’s you or if it’s them
  • What to do to fix your part

Ready? Hit play and let’s go!

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