7. How to Delegate More Often and More Effectively

About this Podcast

Believe it or not but delegating effectively is often said to be the #1 skill of high-performing managers. The reason is that when we delegate, we are freed from the trap of ‘doing’ versus ‘managing’… which, by the way, is key if you want to climb to the next level in your career.

But, getting better at delegating is also one of the most commonly mentioned goals my clients have when they start my coaching program.

And that’s why this week’s podcast is all about delegating more often and more effectively.


  • The exact process to find out what you should stop doing and start delegating instead
  • The 3 factors to consider when deciding to whom to delegate to
  • The “3-Level Delegation” framework my clients love
  • The simple process to nurture accountability within your team
  • And much more!


Email Ramona (ramona@ramonashaw.com) to get a copy of the exercise template or the micro-manager self-assessment.

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