160. What if I don’t like to lead?

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Ep. 160 –  Today, we’re tackling a common dilemma: what should you do when you’re expected to assume a leadership role, but deep down, you’re not sure you’re ready for the role, or you’re just not interested?

Earlier last week, I came across a post on Reddit by someone seeking advice on their situation at work. Her boss was soon retiring, but she was having a difficult time getting others to believe that she was not interested in applying for the position. Her coworkers weren’t able to grasp the idea that she preferred to remain in a supportive team member role.

In this episode of The Manager Track podcast, we’re going to talk about what to consider if you’re unsure if leadership is the right path for you. Maybe you’re thinking about stepping into a leadership role or you are already leading and wondering if you made the right decision.

I have some thoughts and perspectives on this that I hope will help you gain some clarity around the different paths of leadership. I’ll be giving you some nuggets to reflect on during this episode, including a ‘No Go’ list of preferences that indicate leadership wouldn’t be right for you.

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00:00 Preview

01:06 Introduction

04:45 Growing in your career without becoming a manager

10:05 Most leaders don’t feel ready when they start their new role

18:02 ‘No Go’ List: Who should not be a leader

20:22 Recap

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