58. The First 30 Days as a New Manager

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During these first few weeks as a new manager, everyone will be watching you – from your team members to your boss, and to your new peers.

All eyes are on you. 

And so it’s critical to start out strong.

In essence, you’ll want to focus on the 4 following objectives during your first 30 days.

  • Build relationships
  • Learn, learn, learn
  • Establish expectations
  • Assess the current status

In this episode of The Manager Track podcast, I share my key tips on how to go about your first 4 weeks in a new leadership role. Plus, check out the links below to grab a checklist and a few other tools to help you apply what you learn.

Plus, for more details, check out this blog post here.


Download the 8-page guide including the checklist and more: https://www.ramonashaw.com/30daychecklist

Connect with Ramona on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ramona.shaw.leadership/
Connect with Ramona on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ramona-shaw/

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