151. Leadership Perspectives with Atlas Aultman

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Ep. 151 – In this episode of the Manager Track Podcast, I’m joined by Atlas Aultman. Atlas is not only one of the top 150 speakers in the nation but a recent #1 best-selling author with his leadership books for kids. He has also received several bronze star metals in the military and is a former White House Military Officer of the Year.

Listen in as he shares a lot of thoughts, controversial ideas, and suggestions for current and future leaders. I promise this episode will provide you with lots of food for thought on how to see and define your leadership!

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00:00 Preview

01:37 Meaning of Leadership

06:59 Caring about the Who

11:48 Stoicism for Leaders

17:02 Strategic Thinking & Timeboxing

21:55 3 Pieces of Advice for New Leaders

30:38 Clarity in Communication

34:14 Giving Feedback

38:16 Leadership Books for Kids

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