79. How to Create a Strategy for Your Team

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Get this… 96% of leaders say they lack the time for strategic thinking and 43% of managers cannot stat their own strategy (HBR).

That’s crazy, right?!

As leaders, we MUST carve out time (i.e. ruthlessly prioritize) time to operate on a strategic level, to think about, discuss, plan, and then repeatedly communicate our strategies.

But let’s be real. I know it’s easier said than done to carve out time for “strategic stuff” in your packed schedule. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or you can’t.

Thousands of CEOs, founders, and execs do it EVERY SINGLE DAY and that means you can too.

But the importance of moving from being all transactional to stepping into a more transformational leadership arena is not all we’re going to talk about here.  In fact, what I’m really sharing with you in this episode are…

  1. The 6 steps to develop a rock-solid 2022 strategy
  2. The 2 important considerations to make all along to ensure your strategy is set up to be successful
  3. The 4 most common challenges or reasons why strategies fail and how to prevent them

With this information in your pocket, you’ll be ready to wow your team and your boss not only with a great 2022 strategy but also with an effective way to go about the entire endeavor.

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