143. Prepare for the Worst

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Ep. 143 – Preparing for the worst isn’t about having a pessimistic outlook. It’s about being realistic and prepared so that you can make smart choices if stuff hits the fan.

When we think ahead, evaluate risks, and prepare for the worst we demonstrate the skill of being a proactive leader (vs. a reactive leader). And as a result, we are way better prepared, aware, and able to navigate challenges than when we’re being caught off guard.

In this episode of The Manager Track Podcast, I am going to share an exercise called The Pre-Mortem which is inspired by Stoicism.

I have done a couple of episodes on this podcast about the intersection of Stoicism and Leadership, and will likely talk about the topic a little bit more over the next few months, especially as I am in the process of writing a book about Stoic Leadership as we speak 🙂

You will walk away from this episode with the knowledge of how to make a solid plan for 2023 by conducting the Pre-Mortem exercises.

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00:00 Preview

01:19 Stoicism & Pre-Mortem Exercises

07:25 How to make a solid plan for 2023

11:57 Ask the question, “what if…”

16:10 Preform this internal exercise with your team

18:03 Make reviewing these plans a routine

18:50 Recap

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