142. ChatGPT and 8 Ways it Can Help You at Work

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Chances are high that you’ve heard the buzz about ChatGPT. The discussions about this newly released AI tool has spread like wildfire on social media and beyond. So for this episode of The Manager Track podcast, I decided to share 8 common tasks that you could begin streamlining in the new year using ChatGPT (or other AI tools for that matter).

Yes, some of these tasks might have taken me an hour to complete on my own but can now be done in 15 minutes or less.

ChatGPT was released in late November 2022 by the startup OpenAI. The chatbot uses machine learning to come up with unique responses to the questions that you ask it. You interact with it in a conversational way, which makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer follow-up questions and provide specific answers to very targeted questions or prompts you pose.

But in my humble opinion, this is just the beginning of the exponential increase in businesses leveraging AI to perform tasks currently done by or heavily supported by humans. As such, I am really interested in seeing how AI will evolve and influence the workplace in the coming years. I’d love to hear from you about tasks you are streamlining with ChatGPT or if you have come across any other resources I should know about. Email me at contact@ramonashaw.com.

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00:00 Preview

01:06 New Year Self Reflection

02:06 Podcast Update: Format, Survey, Resources

06:16 What is ChatGPT?

11:04 How shouldn’t I use it?

14:07 #1 Job Descriptions

15:20 #2 Formal Emails

15:56 #3 Automated Email Sequences

16:37 #4 Presentation Headlines

17:23 #5 Shorten Text

17:57 #6 Performance Review Structures

18:54 #7 Meeting Agendas

19:22 #8 Topic Research

20:49 Recap

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