50. Great Leaders Unlearn These 3 Lessons Once Learned In School

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What if things that you’ve learned in school are actually more hurtful than helpful now that you’re in a leadership role?

This episode will spark your thinking about what lessons you might have learned in the past that actually don’t hold true anymore.

Personally,  this is a topic I’m very passionate about, especially since becoming a mom.

We think thousands of thoughts each day and most of them are unconscious and repetitive thoughts which we know as beliefs. These beliefs drive our decisions, our actions, our habits, and ultimately, our outcomes.

So to grow and evolve as a human, it is imperative that we continuously keep uncovering and challenging our own beliefs.

Some of those beliefs you might have formed as an adult, but many of them were ingrained in you during your childhood.

Are you ready to uncover and challenge some of those beliefs?

You may or may not agree with me but simply the process of thinking about this consciously will boost your self-awareness!


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