49. Dealing With Failure

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Do you know what Dr. Seuss, Oprah Winfrey, JK Rowlings, Elvis Presley, and Walt Disney have in common?

They all FAILED epically early on in their careers.

Many people would have given up but not them. They got back up and kept trying. They failed FORWARD.

Failing forward means to…

  • See failure as part of the process
  • Continue to belief
  • Take new risks
  • Think “I failed or it failed”
  • Practice compassionate self-talk
  • Persevere

And it does NOT mean to…

  • Expect never to fail
  • Expect to continue to fail
  • Be limited by past mistakes
  • Think “I’m a failure”
  • Practice negative self-talk
  • Quit

If you’re navigating a challenging situation right now, maybe because you feel like you failed a team member or your boss, or you missed out on an opportunity, or got rejected, or simply because you’re dealing with a lot of headwinds, hear me on this:

Failure doesn’t define you. It’s all about what you do next!

We all fail. It’s being human to fail.

In fact, I think we got this failing thing completely backward. Because we really grow most through failure and setbacks so why wouldn’t we want to invite them into our lives more often??

I dive deeper into all of this in this episode.

Check it out and learn…

  • why it matters so much what you do and tell yourself after a setback or mistake,
  • what we can learn from babies learning to walk,
  • why I think we have it backward when we think failing is bad,
  • and tips to reframe your thinking and start to embrace your failures.

I want you to remember right now that you are awesome as you are just for being YOU!

There is nothing wrong with you. You are worthy and you are already good enough! 

All the failures you might have had, all the challenges you might be facing, and all the inevitable obstacles that are still ahead of you, they simply mean that you are human!


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