164. Being Assertive at Work

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Ep. 164 – Imagine this…

Emma, a leader of a product team, was known for her exceptional leadership skills and her unwavering commitment to her team’s success. She possessed a unique quality that set her apart from other leaders—assertiveness.

In team meetings, Emma always made it a point to actively listen to her colleagues’ ideas and opinions. However, she didn’t shy away from expressing her own thoughts and expectations. Emma understood that assertiveness meant advocating for what was best for the team and the organization as a whole. Her team members loved her ability to speak up confidently and ask for resources and support from higher management for their ideas and initiatives.

One day, a challenging project landed on Emma’s desk. The deadline was tight, and the scope was extensive. Emma knew she had to rally her team and assertively negotiate for additional resources.

She scheduled a meeting with her superiors and presented a compelling case, outlining the potential risks of proceeding without sufficient support. Through her assertiveness, Emma convinced the higher-ups to allocate the necessary resources, ensuring the project’s success and her team’s well-being.

Her team members felt comfortable voicing their concerns and ideas, knowing that Emma would actively listen and address them constructively. Her leadership style became a beacon of inspiration for others, encouraging them to embrace assertiveness as a means to drive positive change.

This example of Emma shows how beneficial it can be for a leader to lean into assertiveness when called for.

Yet, many people (and maybe you can relate…) worry about being seen as “too assertive” or simply don’t feel comfortable and confident enough to demonstrate assertiveness.

If that sounds like you, then I encourage you to check out this week’s episode on The Manager Track podcast.

I’ll share some questions to think about that will help you identify where you stand on the assertiveness spectrum and provide actionable steps you can implement right away to enhance your assertiveness skills.

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