158. Building Trust On Your Team – With Doug Thorpeers

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Ep. 158 – Many of the issues, inefficiencies, and interpersonal conflicts we experience in the workplace can be traced back to a lack of trust between people. But how do we build trust in our teams?

In this episode of The Manager Track podcast, I am joined by Doug Thorpe to discuss some common barriers to building trust, the importance of psychological safety, and how you as a leader can begin influencing the level of trust on your team. Doug gives us a glimpse into his most recent book by sharing The Team Trust Model™, which is a diagram consisting of six essential steps that can help you successfully manage others while building a High Trust Team.

Doug Thorpe is an executive coach and business advisor, but he’s also the host of the Leadership Powered by Common Sense Podcast. He’s been a captain in the US Army, a Senior VP in the banking industry, and has authored five books (most recently Trust at Work.)

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00:00 Preview

01:48 The Gift of Mentorship

05:00 Importance of Psychological Safety

09:11 Barriers to developing trust

11:53 The Team Trust Model™

20:53 Build trust with questions and systems

28:09 Why you should share this model with your team

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