About two years ago, I went through training by a company called Landmark.

During the training, I learned about the concept of Integrity. In Landmark’s terms, integrity has to do with authenticity—being true to ourselves—and it is the foundation for power and effectiveness.

In essence, it means to do what we say we will do and to live and act in alignment with our principles and our true selves.

While I still fail at it at times, learning about and practicing integrity has changed me forever.

The fact is that most of us were raised not to be truth-tellers, but to people-please. But this can come at a high cost, especially for people who lead and influence others (be this at work or at home).

Because the lack of integrity erodes trust in relationships.

So listen to this episode to find out what my colleague and high-trust leadership expert Dr. Brian Harman has to say about.

1) What the problem is with low-trust leadership and why trust matters so much
2) How to become more trustworthy as a leader
3) The 4 big questions you should ask your direct reports to build stronger relationships and establish trust
4) Why vulnerability and transparency builds trust

Here is where you can find Dr. Brian Harman on LinkedIn:

Enjoy the episode!