137. How to Create a Strong Team Culture – with Gustavo Razzetti

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Ep. 137 – How would your team members describe the culture of your team?

 And would you even know how to begin designing a team culture?

In my first few years as a manager, I definitely had no clue how to do this. And in honest reflection, I think I even abdicated the “culture work” to the company, i.e. the executives and HR.

But that was a mistake. As leaders of a team, no matter how big or small, we have influence over the culture and hence, a responsibility to shape and cultivate it in a positive way!

In this week’s episode of The Manager Track podcast, I am joined by Gustavo Razzetti. Having been a culture design consultant for the past 20 years, I invited him to share his tactical insights, tips, and frameworks that you can implement right away.

Gustavo Razzetti is the CEO and Founder of Fearless Culture. Gustavo has helped leaders from Fortune 500 startups, nonprofits, and everything in between on every continent except Antarctica. He’s the creator of the Culture Design Canvas, a framework used by thousands of teams and organizations across the world to map, assess, and design their cultures. He is a prolific writer and author of four books on culture change, including his most recent book called Remote Not Distant. His insights have been featured in the New York Times, Psychology Today, Forbes, BBC, and Fortune, among others.

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00:00 Preview

02:28 Gustavo Razzetti

04:09 Designing Team Culture

11:07 The Stinky Fish: Collecting feedback

14:22 Inheriting and Building Culture

17:25 Qualifying Culture

21:30 Co-creating Social Norms

24:12 What did you learn while writing your book?

29:48 Presenteeism

35:03 Connect with Gustavo

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