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Ep. 129 – Feedback is our #1 tool for improvement. But most of us need to learn how to give feedback effectively as it’s not something we really learn until we find ourselves in our first leadership role.
In addition to learning and practicing the tactical skills, we also need to pay attention to the feedback culture within our organization or team so that feedback is intentionally built into the habits and routines of the employees.
In this week’s episode of The Manager Track podcast, I am joined by Harrison Kim, who is the CEO of Pavestep – an employee feedback and performance management solution. He founded Pavestep to help organizations develop their people faster and retain them longer. He is a former McKinsey consultant as well as a former private equity investor specializing in the human capital management sector.
      • Connect with Harrison on Linkedin or via Email
      • Learn more about Pavestep
      • Learn more about McKinsey’s approach to delivering feedback
      • Read the study mentioned in this episode
      • Learn how to turn your 1-on-1 meetings from time wasters, awkward moments, status updates, or non-existent into your most important and valuable meeting with your directs all week. Access the course and resources by clicking here: www.ramonashaw.com/11

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