133. How to Hold Career Conversations with Your Directs – with My Team Member Brandy

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Ep. 133 – 9 out of 10 people on your team are thinking about their next career steps, their growth, and their development. If that’s all chatter in their heads or chats with their friends, then you might be caught off guard by resignations or disengagement.

As a manager, it’s your responsibility to create the time and space to speak about your direct reports’ careers (inside AND outside your org!) so you can support them and help them make decisions along the way.

Because if you’re not doing it, they’ll form assumptions and make decisions on their own, often to your surprise.

In this week’s episode of The Manager Track podcast, I am joined by a very special guest. You’ll meet Brandy, my executive assistant and business integrator.

The career conversation process that we will be introducing you to is something that the two of us went through together so we can share our raw and unfiltered experience with you.

I will share my perspective and some very practical tips on how to have career conversations with your employees, but you’ll also hear from Brandy about how the experience was for her and what she got out of it.

This is a special episode for me and for Brandy and we’re excited to share it with you this week!

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00:00 Preview

01:37 Why we should have career conversations

07:17 Part One: Values

10:00 Part Two: Vision

12:13 Part Three: Action Steps

18:02 Impact of this process on the employee

23:09 Importance of trust

23:44 I can now provide better support

25:54 Repeating these conversations

28:25 You are on a stepping stone

30:25 It pays itself forward

34:21 Special offer: short coaching engagement

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