41. From Bud to Boss – A Coaching Conversation with Jen

About this Podcast

This is a live coaching conversation about transitioning from being a peer to being the new manager.

Jen got promoted into her first leadership role about a year ago and she is managing her former peers. This comes with two specific challenges. One, she has to completely shift her mindset and skillset to switch from the role of an IC into the role of a manager, and two, she has to gain respect from her former peers as their new manager.

Listen in as we talk about some of the challenges she is facing and how to best address them so she can an effective and authentic leader to her team.

Plus, we talk about:

  • How skip-level conversations can be tricky and unintentionally undermine the manager’s authority
  • How to build trust in relationships at work
  • Why being authentic to your core values is important and why it can feel stressful if we have to pretend to be or feel something we’re not
  • And much more!


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