120. When A Direct Resigns, What’s Your Responsibility?

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Ep. 120 – It can be tricky when one of your direct report resigns, especially when they’ve been doing a great job.

If you are a new manager, you may not have experienced a resignation yet, but it is inevitable that at some point an employee will resign.

When you hear them say it out loud or you read their termination letter, you may experience self-doubt and question what you could have done better, or why you didn’t see it coming.

But this is not the time to shame and blame yourself, but instead to be really self-compassionate and to use this situation as a learning opportunity.

In this week’s episode of The Manager Track podcast, we are going to talk about what is and isn’t your responsibility when a direct report resigns, why self-compassion is important during this time, and how you can learn and grow as a leader from this situation.

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