103 – How to Handle Criticism at Work

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Ever been in a situation when you received criticism at work and it was hard to take? Maybe you got defensive or maybe you felt resentful or frustrated. Or maybe it kicked off a spiral of self-doubt and guilt (or even shame!).

I’ve definitely been there and I definitely have my fair share of regrets about how I reacted in certain feedback situations.

It took me a while to learn how to get good at receiving feedback and to not only respond well at the moment but also to truly soak up the learning opportunity that the feedback provided me with.

If this is something that either you or one of your direct reports struggles with, then this week’s episode of The Manager Track podcast is for you.

You will learn how to receive, respond to, and grow from the feedback you receive from others at work… And how to do so in a way that builds (not breaks!) relationships and trust with others.

When you do this well, your growth curve will accelerate and you’ll naturally role model vulnerability, openness, and a having a growth & learning mindset for others as well.

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