104. Protect Your Confidence as a Leader

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As a new leader, there are a range of new skills to learn and new mindsets and perspectives to adopt. But there is also one crucial asset you’ll need to protect.

And that is your CONFIDENCE!

Here are five reasons why this matters so much in your first couple of yours as a people leader:

  1. You will make more mistakes as you go through a period of intense growth and that can quickly erode confidence.
  2. As you start working alongside a new set of peers who likely have more leadership experience than you, it’s easy to compare yourself to them and feel inferior.
  3. We often tie setbacks to our identity – but as a new manager, it’s normal to stumble here or there. It doesn’t mean you’re not good enough!
  4. You will need to do new and often uncomfortable things almost on a daily basis and that can naturally trigger a lot of self-doubt and worry.
  5. It’s tempting to tie your success as a new manager to external goals (e.g. hitting a specific sales target with your new team), but these types of goals are beyond your control and if not met, may lead to your confidence taking a hit.

Some of us are naturally more confident, and some of us are naturally more insecure. Wherever you land on that spectrum, there are blindspots to pay attention to.

If you know confidence is important to your career success, then tune in to this episode of The Manager Track podcast to find out how to recognize the above red flags – and manage them.

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