77. Curiosity: Your Doorway to Positive Relationships and Collaborative Leadership

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Could it be that your “expert mindset” is what got into your first leadership but now actually gets in the way of your leadership effectiveness?

I heard Dr. Alison Horstmeyer address this very question and it piqued my interest. Alison is an executive coach and a humanistic researcher who focuses on the topic of curiosity and I’m thrilled to bring her on as a guest in this week’s episode of The Manager Track podcast.

Together, we explore curiosity and its relevance for leaders. Curiosity has become a powerful meta-skill, a higher-order skill that energizes and empowers other skills like critical thinking, creativity, divergent thinking, empathy, collaboration, and trust.

We also discuss how having an “expert mindset” and the need to give advice and have all answers gets in the way of leaders’ effectiveness, especially in a world full of uncertainty and constant change.

About our guest today, Dr. Alison Horstmeyer:

Dr. Alison Horstmeyer is a leading-edge talent development consultant, executive coach, and humanistic researcher. Her research focuses on curiosity and associated mental, emotional, and motivational attributes. Alison is considered one of the pioneering practitioners in workplace curiosity.

You can find her work in various peer-reviewed journals and business publications including Forbes, Chief Learning Officer, and CEOWORLD Magazine, and in Harvard Business Review Press, Journal of Organizational Change Management, and Development and Learning in Organizations publications.

She believes we each are innately curious, we just tend to stifle it away. Learn more about her and her work at www.dralisonh.com or on LinkedIn.

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