70. How to Deal With “Toxic” People at Work

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The vast majority, let’s say 95% of people are good, caring people who have no intentions to hurt anyone. But then there are a few people who demonstrate behaviors that are hurtful towards others. They may be intentionally hurtful. They may intentionally push people’s buttons. Or exclude people and make them feel less than, or insecure.

Now I use quotation marks around the word “toxic” in this title because I strongly believe that there are no “toxic people”, but there are most certainly toxic behaviors or toxic dynamics, like toxic relationships.

And in my experience, it is inevitable that at some point in our careers, we find ourselves in a toxic situation or exposed to toxic behaviors.

And when you do, I want you to be equipped with tools to better handle the situation and with support to ensure you’re getting out of it with your confidence and wellbeing still intact.

For this reason, this podcast episode is about…

  • why taking charge when you’re exposed to toxic behaviors is crucial,
  • the 5 specific tips on how to deal with toxic behaviors, and
  • the negative lasting impact if you stay in toxic situations for too long (and why you might be sticking around too long).

If you’re currently dealing with a “toxic” person at work and it’s impacting your confidence or wellbeing, and you’re ready to get help and finally get a handle on it, then let’s talk. Schedule a call with me here: www.ramonashaw.com/apply

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