15. Coping With The Crisis – How to use your body intelligence to make faster & better decisions

About this Podcast

In this episode, I’m joined by Marie-Jeanne Juilland, an executive coach and mindfulness expert. We discuss how to tap into your “gut feelings” to make better and faster decisions in your leadership role.

This is by no means woo-woo. Your stomach has over 500 million neurons and your brain and your gut transfer information back and forth on a constant basis. So why wouldn’t you want to amplify your brain intelligence with the intelligence from your gut to make better and faster decisions?

Right, you wouldn’t! 🙂

So listen in as Marie-Jeanne explains the power of this connection in more detail and shares two specific exercises you can do either during the day or before going to sleep to help you tap into your body intelligence.


More about Marie-Jeanne: https://www.juillandleadership.com/
More about body intelligence including a guided body scan: https://www.juillandleadership.com/blog/body-intelligence-a-new-competitive-advantage-for-leaders

Enjoy the episode and thank you for listening!

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