126. Quitting the Quiet Quitting – And What You as a Manager Can Do For Your Team

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Ep. 126 – “Quiet Quitting” has been a buzzword for the last couple of months…and if you’re a little bit like me, you might even have started to cringe every time you hear the phrase now.

I’ve refrained from speaking about the topic so far because it seems to be broadly misconstrued and it aims to address a complex problem with an overly simple term or solution for that matter.

However, after sharing my thoughts with a reporter, I also decided to address the topic on the podcast.

So, in this week’s episode of The Manager Track podcast, I will share with you a little bit of its history in the workplace, why I personally dislike the term “Quiet Quitting”, the costs and risks associated with it, and my 3 suggestions for what you can do as a manager to address quiet quitting with your team members. 

I hope this gives you a different and maybe new perspective on this latest hype of “Quiet Quitting.”

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