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Ep. 125 – Did you know that a good 70% of employees avoid conflict?
Where do you land on this? Are you avoiding conflict at work?
I definitely used to be guilty as charged 😉 and even though I feel equipped to navigate conflict these days, it still doesn’t come easy.
If this sounds at least a bit familiar to you, then you’ve got to meet my colleague Sarah Albo.
Sarah is a Conflict Coach (yes, that’s a thing!), Certified Mediator and HR Consultant. In other words, she gets called in to mediate conflict, restore company culture, or help if someone has a difficult time with mental health.
In this week’s episode of The Manager Track podcast, you’ll hear my open and honest conversation with Sarah about why conflict resolution is a tricky thing for us to learn, what differentiates constructive from destructive conflict and how you can de-escalate or even prevent conflict from arising in the first place.

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