10. How To Win In Office Politics

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What’s your first reaction when you hear the words OFFICE POLITICS?

Do you dread it? Do you prefer to ignore it? Do you think it’s about being fake and inauthentic?

Or… do you embrace it as a way to influence others and be more effective?

If you said ‘YES’ to any of the first 3 questions then this week’s episode of The Manager Track podcast is for you!

I vividly remember the many times when someone in my former job, reminded me to be more political.

I didn’t understand it fully until I was hit by a rejection of a proposal. I realized right then and there that I didn’t lobby enough in advance (actually… I didn’t lobby for it at all) and that I did not nurture the right relationships upfront to have people in that room who would have felt called to help shape and then advocate for my ideas.

I learned a lesson that day and it’s a lesson that now also comes up with my clients quite often.

If you’re willing to explore how you can win in office politics (and do so gracefully!) then click that PLAY button now 🙂

We’re talking about…

✅ the mindset shifts needed for you to become politically savvy and what’s at stake if you ignore it
✅ the 6 specific steps of graceful office politics (and how you define the rules you play!)
✅ the 4 ‘difficult’ people in the context of office politics and how to best react to their behaviors

Whether or not you like it, if you want to climb the career ladder (even in small organizations and start-ups), then office politics is inevitable… and this is simply because we’re all in the business of PEOPLE.

Learn how to leverage it effectively and do it in a graceful and savvy way that feels good, then this episode is for you (click the button above or find the show in you iTunes podcast app here or in your favorite podcast app).

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