91. How Coaching Helped This Director of Engineering

About this Podcast

This episode is a conversation between Joshua Samberg, a Director of Engineering at productboard and a leadership coaching client, and Ramona. This episode originally aired on the Productboard Engineering Leadership Podcast.

Here is Joshua’s personal introduction:

“I’m genuinely excited and proud to share the latest episode of my podcast. I interview my leadership and strategy coach, Ramona Shaw. We talk about how she’s been the most impactful person in my survival of rapid growth into leadership at a scale-up, and we reveal actual examples of how we worked through challenges I faced and mistakes I made.”

I wish I’d had access to (or even witnessed) coaching and caring, transparent, vulnerable leaders earlier in my career, so it feels good to give out a sample of what that can look like in podcast form.”

I couldn’t say it any better. I’m thrilled to be able to highlight the power of leadership coaching and the benefits you as a leader can reap for your career as well as the positive changes leadership coaching can create inside organizations.

Productboard is one of many startups that see coaching as a critical component in their Learning & Development strategy. Check them out to learn more about their career options and how they support their leaders with coaches from Bettermanager.co.

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