73. How Great Leaders Control Their Egos

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Here is the thing when it comes to our egos… It is a lot easier to see someone else’s than it is to see your own.

It’s like that little piece of spinach stuck in between your teeth. You can go all day not knowing it’s there, but everyone else sees it.

When you finally look in the mirror and discover that it’s there, it’s like, “Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

But let’s be clear. Having an ego isn’t the problem. The problem is when the ego grows beyond what’s helpful. And unfortunately, successful leaders who climb the ranks faster than others are particularly prone to that.

This is why I want to tackle this topic in this week’s episode of The Manager Track so that you can have an honest look in the mirror, know what to pay attention to and how to keep your ego in check if and when needed.

Specifically, you’ll finish the episode knowing…

  1. What differentiates an ego-driven leader from a humble leader and how to detect where you stand
  2. The 4 ego-driven thinking traps that get us into trouble and why new managers, in particular, are prone to be at the effect of them
  3. The 4-step process to curb your ego when it gets tempted to take charge

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