65. Managing a High-Performer

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Managing an ambitious high-performer who is maybe even more knowledgable than you or who wants to become a people leader and have your job one day is not always easy.

Yes, it’s awesome to have a star on your team. In fact, it should be your goal to develop high-performing employees.

However, while they have their work covered and don’t need much guidance from you, you do have a crucial role to play… And that is to retain them!

Because of that, they require just as much attention as everyone else. Plus, there are a set of unique challenges and risks to be aware of.

In this episode, I’ll share with you my 5 tips on how to manage a high-performer so you become the respected leader they CHOOSE to report to. Plus, I’ll cover 2 things to avoid that could easily get you into tricky situations if you’re unaware and not proactive enough.


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