25. The Reason Why You’re Feeling Stuck

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We first focus on building hard skills, then we invest in strengthening our soft skills.. but when do we actually spend time in up-leveling our mindset?

In our 20s we focus on hard skills, getting the right education and trainings, etc.

… and then we reach a point when we realize that our soft skills need some help…

But many of us miss the importance of understanding how our brain works and why taking charge or our mindset and our thoughts is critical to lasting success.

Truth is that our thoughts are HUGELY INFLUENTIAL in how we work and the results we create.

🤔 And so where’s the corporate training for that?

🤔 How much time do you spend to strengthen this third area besides hard skills and soft skills?

And if you feel stuck in a conflict, a challenge, or a job, then understanding this is the key to getting unstuck for good!

Once I started understanding my mind and my thoughts, my whole world shifted.


  • Why we feel stuck and why solving “symptoms” doesn’t work
  • The 5 types of problems we can have
  • Why our brain is driven by the motivational triad and why that’s important to know
  • The reasons why your thoughts matter more than you ever thought
  • How to stop feeling stuck without having to change your circumstances


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