What Moms Can Learn From “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck”

I love reading books! I know.. a bit of a challenge with three little kids at home but I’ve made it a habit to listen to audio books whenever I’m on my own doing basic things such as putting on makeup, cooking or driving. I also recently started reading for 10 minutes before I turn off the lights at night.

One of the books I recently read is “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck”. The book appealed to me because moms keep telling me over and over how expectations of other people (mother-in-law, parents, friends, teachers etc.) are creating stress in their lives.

While the book uses the F-word way too many times than I hoped for, the message is crucial for all of us who are in pursuit of fulfillment and success. So today, I want to summarize for you what we can all learn from not giving a f* 🙂

First, let’s clarify a few things, shall we?

  • “Not giving a fuck” is something we admire in others, but most of us have an ingrained habit of caring about what people think.
  • Not giving a fuck is not the same as “indifference.” It’s about having the courage to be forthright in the face of adversity.
  • Not giving a fuck does not mean being indifferent; it means being comfortable with being different.
  • You will only succeed at not caring about adversity if you have something bigger to care about that makes adversity worthwhile.
  • As moms, many of us have strong beliefs around parenting approaches, appropriate behaviors, food choices etc. And I’m sure we all vividly remember the last conversation we had with family, friends or acquaintances where one of our dearly held beliefs was challenged or judged.

  Now, how did that make you feel? Were you comfortable with being “different”? Or did you shut your mouth and slowly tried to change the topic? Or did you give in and pretended to agree (at least for that moment ;-))? 

Let’s get to the point.. if you want to stop worrying about what other people think, then you have to understand this:

  “Not giving a fuck means refusing to let the fear of adversity, failure or embarrassment get in the way of standing up for important beliefs. It involves accepting some minor emotional discomfort in exchange for the freedom to be different. Far from not caring about anything, not giving a fuck means being willing and eager to pursue things that really matter.”

So, the simplest way (pay attention, here comes my Tuesday Tip!) not to mind adversity is to have something bigger to care about!

Get really clear on why your beliefs are so important to you. What’s your Big Why? What impact and change can you create in this world by standing up for your beliefs?

We are all here for a reason and your voice is important, your view and your beliefs are important.

And when we remember what change we can create and how we can be an inspiration and role model to others when we stand up to our own beliefs, then we hold the power to overcome any adversity!

I’d love to hear what you stand for. What’s your Big Why that makes adversity worthwhile for you? Let’s get ready to go for it, no matter what others say!

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