The Power of Appreciation and 13 Ideas on How to Show it

Since it’s the end of the year and the season for annual reviews and celebrations has started, I want to share a quick story…

It was the end of a long week and a partner at my firm walks up to my desk.

His pace was fast and while he smiled, I could tell he wasn’t here to chit-chat.

While still walking he looks at me and says with a determined, deep voice:

“Ramona, I need your help. We need to get this fixed right away. Cancel your plans tonight and ask everyone else here to do the same.”

And that was the beginning of a long night and quite a fire drill.

But that’s not what was exceptional about the situation.

What happened a few days later is what caught me off guard.

A few days after that specific night, I walked into the office and I had a beautiful flower arrangement standing on my desk.

I walked closer, took the card out, and read what was written on it.

I remember vividly the feeling and thoughts I had when I read the words.

The note was from my manager and my manager’s manager…

They both thanked me for my help that said night and expressed their appreciation.

Here is what happened that very moment:

My commitment to the company quadrupled in a matter of seconds…

because I took it as a clear sign that my work mattered.

I know for a fact that from then on, I worked even harder, was even more engaged and enjoyed working with my team, and particularly with my managers, even more.

The point here is that I’m not an exception. 

Think about this for a moment: 79% of people leave a manager due to lack of appreciation and more than 70% of employees admit that they get motivated to work with sincerity when their ‘higher authorities’ express appreciation for the efforts they put in.

Appreciation is one of the basic human needs because it positively confirms that the work someone provides is being valued.

As a result, employees who receive appreciation are more satisfied, more productive, have higher motivation and are more loyal to the company.

So, let’s talk about how you can show appreciation to your team members.

How is it done?… It’s simple

  • Do it now: This article is your trigger to get started right away 🙂
  • Do it often: Opportunity to appreciate is always present
  • Be specific: Express in detail what you liked and why you liked it.
  • Be sincere: Appreciation cannot be faked and one should never appreciate mediocrity. This devalues appreciation in its entirety.

Here are a few ideas on how to show your appreciation…

Pick one and do it as soon as you finished reading this article. Promise?

The pick one each week and start making it a habit…

  • Write a thank you letter to the family or significant other
  • Do their least favorite task
  • Remember special days
  • Go to lunch with them
  • Offer your parking space for a week
  • Send a handwritten note
  • Go get their favorite cup of coffee (the whole caramel macchiato shebang)
  • Give a half day off to spend with kids/partner
  • Gift tickets to a movie, play, or game
  • Create a recognition box for all team members to put in a note of recognition
  • Set up “Friday inspirational movie night”
  • Give any other personal gift
  • Or simply offer a genuine pat on the back

Expressing and receiving sufficient appreciation at work is an essential skill that most employees and managers should exercise more frequently than they already do.

And on that note, stop reading, share the article with a friend who could find this information helpful as well and then turn to your team member and share some love and appreciation…

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