63. 3 Tips to Influence Other People’s Decisions

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Ever been super convinced that your idea was the best but then to your complete surprise your boss decided to take a different route?

Yup, raising my hand 🤚

And my guess is you are too… 😃

The reason for this might have been your boss’s different perspective and rock-solid reason for that but it could also have been due to the fact that most of our decisions are based on emotions, not logic!

If you rely mostly on data, logic, and facts to make your case, then you’re likely doing a poor job trying to influence other people’s decisions.

And influencing and persuading other people is not an unethical thing. Quite the opposite. It’s a requirement for great leadership.

In fact, I like what Marshall Goldsmith shared in an HBR article on the topic of influence:

When presenting ideas to upper management, realize that it is your responsibility to sell — not their responsibility to buy.”

And because so many of my clients want to develop their influence and persuasion skills, I thought I’d share some quick but very actionable tips with you as well in this podcast episode.

You may have spent years developing your technical expertise but as you grow as a leader, learning how to influence will become significantly more important.

So my hope is that by making an investment in learning how to influence and persuade, you’ll be able to have a bigger positive impact on the people you lead and your organization overall.


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