109. What’s Compassionate Leadership?

About this Podcast

In this week’s episode, we’re going to talk about compassionate leadership and how it might help you elevate your own leadership and create better, stronger relationships and even accountability with your team.

Here’s what we’ll discuss:

  • Defining Compassionate Leadership: I share my personal definition and share insights from leaders who advocate for compassionate leadership.
  • 4 Stages of The Compassion Flywheel: A tool developed by Potential Project that represents what compassionate leadership actually looks like in the day-to-day behaviors of leaders.
  • Reflection Questions: I pose a question for you to reflect on for each of the 4 stages of the Compassion Flywheel.
  • Compassion and Accountability: I share how the two go hand-in-hand for effective leadership.

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  1. Compassionate Leadership by Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter
  2. Potential Project
  3. Ramona’s 6-month Advanced Leadership Program
  4. Ramona’s 12-week Leadership Accelerator that helps new managers confident and competent leaders people love to work with!

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