100. What It Was Like to Be a New Manager – with Lisa, Susan, and Dave

About this Podcast

Episode 100 is here!! 🎉

Reaching episode 100 is worth celebrating… but for sure not alone! For this reason, I invited 3 former students of the Leadership Accelerator program to join me and to talk about their personal trials and tribulations as they transitioned into their first leadership roles.

And wow! This episode is raw, honest, and vulnerable!

You’ll hear from…

  • Lisa and what she found most difficult to learn as a new manager,
  • Dave and what he wished he knew on his first day on the job, and
  • Susan what parts of leadership were most unexpected to her.

I’m excited to share this conversation with you! If you’re a new manager or even if you’ve been leading teams for a while, I promise you this episode will move you and will get you thinking!

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