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E204-Letting Someone Go Header Image

204. Letting Someone Go

About this Podcast Ep. 204 – Imagine that sinking feeling when you realize you may have to let someone go from your team. It’s one of the most difficult situations a manager faces. In most cases, the manager has been feeling this tugging going on for a while but has

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E202 - When someone doesn't like what you did or said header image

202. When Someone Doesn’t Like What You Did or Said

About this Podcast Ep. 202 – Ever had that moment when what you said or did unexpectedly turned someone’s mood sour? As a leader, handling dissatisfaction within your team is inevitable and can require emotional intelligence and managerial finesse. While it can be uncomfortable delivering news or making decisions that

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E201-Better Listening Header Image

201. Better Listening

About this Podcast Ep. 201 – Can you recall that last conversation you had with someone when you noticed they weren’t fully present with you and giving you their fullest attention? Maybe they checked their phones every so often, maybe they were watching people walking by, or they were more

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E199-Positioning Yourself for Senior Roles with Richard Triggs

199. Positioning Yourself for Senior Roles with Richard Triggs

About this Podcast Ep. 199 – In this captivating episode of The Manager Track podcast, host Ramona Shaw welcomes a distinguished guest, Richard Triggs, renowned for his innovative approach to executive recruitment. Richard shares invaluable insights on navigating the job market and retaining exceptional talent within organizations, providing a glimpse

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